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The „Anmo” massage tools design is part of the well-being ideology. The purpose of this project is to support an independent home facial massage to improve well-being, relax and improve the elasticity of the face and eye area, improve blood circulation, eliminate swelling and prevent premature signs of aging. An mobile application integrated with massage tools is an addition to the project. The application aims to support the independent massage of the face and eye area. It instructs how to stimulate selected points and reflexological areas located on our face.

The massage tools were designed with minerals such as rose quartz and jade. The elegant premium version is designed with porcelain, gold plated with 24-carat gold. The massage tools have ergonomic shapes adapted to both flat parts of the face and around the eyes. They also have pointed elements (for acupressure) to help compress the right places on the face. The packaging for massage tools has been designed in the premium and eco versions (in line with the less waste trend) from biodegradable, high purity materials that are environmentally friendly. The inside of the packaging is filled with foam covered with velor or eco-leather with an additional cotton cloth.