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This is a diploma project of casing for a telemedical device for remote ultrasound examination. „Remote Medical Diagnostician” is a robotic system which is able to perform medical examinations remotely which normally require physical interaction between the doctor and the patient, first of all ultrasound examinations. The robot is being controlled by a medical specialist who is located anywhere in the world, i.e. not necessarily at the patient site. With this system we tackle the global problem of shortage of medical personnel and their unequal distribution between rural and urban areas. This system perfectly fits into the fast-growing telemedicine market and is superior to all competitive systems thanks to patented technology allowing all modes of surface sonography. „Remote Medical Diagnostician” is a project makes in cooperation with ACCREA Engineering. The project was presented during the International Medical Robots Conference 2019 organized by The Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation Of Cardiac Surgery Development and International Society for Medical Robotics.